How the COVID-19 pandemic could positively impact the way we work 💼

In light of the recent pandemic spreading globally at an ever-increasing rate, many companies have taken a wise approach to let their employees work from their homes. While it is obvious that there are many jobs that can’t actually be performed from home, most of the ones related to tech companies and internet services never actually had a need for the classical office model.

While some companies have already pioneered this concept years ago, most of the biggest businesses have actually been forced in the past week to take these decisions.

❓ So what now?

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During these isolation periods that have forced companies to let their workers perform their duties from home, it would be the best time to measure the actual impact that such a decision can have on many fronts.

Companies could measure one or all the following:

1️⃣ cost fluctuations

2️⃣ productivity

3️⃣ performance

4️⃣ environmental impact

5️⃣ employee satisfaction

The list could be much more comprehensive if one were to think through the vast amount of interdependent pieces that are affected by WFH policies, and I actually invite you to add to the list whatever pops into your head, as I am sure it could spark an interesting conversation.

Still, the key to actually benefit from such distressing times is to make the most of the challenges that the current isolation policies bring, and to make sure that a company’s leadership is actually measuring the positive impact that a WFH policy implementation could have.

Whether that’s cost reduction, employee satisfaction, environmental impact or productivity output, there are many ways in which having some kind of work from home policy can impact businesses.

That’s not to say that there won’t be new challenges coming along (i.e: middle management resisting such decisions from fear of losing control or workers that don’t actually perform better or at all from home), but like in any business decision, if the benefits outweigh the challenges than it’s a decision at least worth considering.

I’d love to learn what your thoughts are on the topic, and if you think should be KPI’s worth looking at, so I invite you to leave your thoughts below. 👇🏼

Disrupting and innovating how companies market and sell worldwide.

Disrupting and innovating how companies market and sell worldwide.